Let's stop the war in Ukraine. Appeal to Users

Домой Инфрастуктура Поликлиника Let's stop the war in Ukraine. Appeal to Users
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Hello Members,

I wonder how to reach the consciousness of the Russians and make them realize that every day in Ukraine RUSSIAN SOLDIERS DIE and military equipment is being destroyed on a mass scale. Why destroy and demolish when you can build and create a new, better world.
WAR is suffering, crying, sadness and death, do you have any ideas to convince Russians that Vladimir Putin should retire, bask in the sun somewhere in warm countries and end this bloody conflict in Europe.

It is a great idea to select random companies from Russia on Google business cards and add opinions about anti-war content and make people in the country aware that Putin is doing wrong.

Please take a moment to select a random company on the Google map and add your opinion about anti-war content.

It is also worth informing Russians about the possibility of VPN connections because Russia is blocking a lot of content on the Internet and sowing sinister propaganda by not giving people access to real information

Peace be with you!
Thank you
Tomasz Jerzy Michałowski

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