Noticed something alarming almost %put one's faith% - should I be concerned?

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Be one of the first to literally own SHIT coin. Join the SHIT Heads.

Ready to dive headfirst into the pit of idiocy? Presenting American Shit Coin (SHIT) - the pinnacle of valueless digital garbage !

?? Completely valueless? You got it!
?? No use? Indeed, you can bet on it!
?? Purely satirical? Absolutely fucking lutely!
?? Similar to our chosen leaders? Absolutely, you mindless followers!

Join the circus of idiocy and grab your SHITcoins now! Available on exchanges for all you gullible folks who think this is a good idea . Make sure not to miss on this unique chance to flush your money down the shitter ! ????

How to load up on SHIT coin:

1. Secure a digital wallet like Phantom.
2. Fill it up with SOL.
3. Head to Raydium and trade SOL for SHIT.
4. Congrats , you're officially part of the joke !
5. Token address: CA: 2e1pdGgJEy5VbgsF5wG2jqRKoLJapjpQcXMd2TLuktUF
6. Website:

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This is all in good fun , hope you got a laugh too - on a real note, I know I'll be grabbing a few playful memecoins when the market picks up . Just throwing a little cash around, how bad could it be?

Shit Commander, OUT

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